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How do you beat the heat?


So, my wife and I like to get out and run, but with the summer sun and humidity, it can be hard to get outside and not just feel like we are melting.  We try to run first thing in the am (before it gets too hot), but that is when the humidity here is the highest... later in the day, we have lower humidity, but a scorching hot sun.

What do you do to 'beat the heat'?  Has anybody tried those "Arctic Cool" shirts?  Run at night?  Run indoors on a treadmill? (I don't like to do this, since we spend so much time indoors in the winter).  Cycling isn't as bad, since you at least generate more wind with the movement - any other activities you migrate to when it is hot outside?

Who actually likes running in the heat (and why)?  We see a lot of people out in the peak heat of day - wondering how??



I'll co-ordinate my ride with local playgrounds that have splash pads or beaches.  Never hurts to run through a sprinkler every few blocks or jump in a lake.


Ride or run to a lake or stream and jump in during the middle of the activity 😎

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