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How do you cope with winter?

Pico de Orizaba

Hi All,

Just wondering how people cope with winter?   If you cycling you add mudguards, change tyres, change bike?

Personally I add mudguards to my Roubaix but if it gets really horrid I change the wheel set on my trusty CAAD X gravel bike so that can use an Al frame rather than carbon.  I do everything on 28mm tyres so my 25mm based Bianchi gets put away till spring. 


Mt. Kenya

My mindset has to change with the cold weather setting in. I prepare to suffer. I stock up on hand/foot warmer pads. I plan to drive more to ride more. I consult continuously. I change my ride-schedule to accommodate the weather, ie: 10am-4pm rides right now keep me from freezing roads. I embrace the discomfort knowing it is only for a few months. I focus on safety and paying attention even more. 


As a runner, more layers. So far baselayer and the gloves. Soon it won't be shorts weather anymore and then a 3rd layer, running jacket and woolly hat.  If it snows or is icy, trail shoes on the road.


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I have installed tubeless tyres on my gravebike a couple of weeks ago. That's basically the only adjusment I make. The comfort already amazed me that I will not go back to non-tubeless. So I won't make any changes in spring and keep my setup. Speaking of cloathing I only add another layer and switch socks which are warmer. 

Mt. Kenya

After years of freezing hands, I'm happy with bar mittens. But I only do trail riding with MTB, down to -20 C, with studded tires.


I take advantage of it rather than cope, lol. It's a mindset 🙂 I get what you're saying though. For cycling, cold weather gear does make all the difference. Over the past few years, I've kept adding colder weather gear to my arsenal, to the point that I now can ride in any temperature down to about -15 F (-26C). At that temperature my biggest issue is my hands freeze when I stop to take pictures, lol. If the road is dry, I can ride my road bike no matter how cold it is. If there are a few icy spots, I take my gravel bike. A lot of icy spots, my mountain bike. And if it's all snow, my fat bike! So yeah, it helps to have a quiver of bikes too. The one condition I do not like riding in is wet and slushy, and in that case I will do a different activity like run, or go up to higher elevation and ski.

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I switch to my fat bike and hit the trail on the snow.  Some of the best riding of the year is to be found in the winter.  Trail conditions change daily and new trails pop up in areas that have never had trails in the past all the time.  

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