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I am getting old and want to reset my PRs



Let's face the facts: I am getting older. This year has been a very tough year seeing me going thru a rough patch. So bad I had to hang up my bike for months not knowing when I'll be back on wheels, and even if I'd be able to do so. 

Anyways now I am back but when I am seeing my PRs, I know for a fact I will never be able to better them. 

Is there a way to reset all my PRs on all segments? Ideally choosing a date, say "forget all PRs set before December 1st, 2022". I read people saying to just create a new account, well it is a bit extreme because I still want to keep the statistics for distances I rode. 



I sure hope someone can provide an answer. Injuries and age can make our old PRs obsolete, especially for those of us who are older.

Thank you for endorsing my request. 

You tell me. By the time I'll restart cycling I'll be 63

Mt. Kenya

I want to reset my PRs too. Last september I had a nasty crash. Broke 5 vertebrae, 4 ribs & my pelvis. I have not been cleared by the doctor to ride outdoors yet. But when I restart cycling outdoors,  my old PRs will be obsolete and of no use to measure my progression


Thank you Christophe to back my request.

And I hope you'll be back on wheels pretty soon, your crash sounds like it was pretty nasty indeed. 


Getting older doesn't mean you can't ever beat any of your old PRs. I'm 61 and have set 607 new PRs so far in 2022. Use those old records to keep yourself motivated. 

As we age our maximum heartrate invariably decreases.  The formula is (220 - Age in years). Although regular exercise can keep our max heartrate above average, it is still going to decline. At 61, your theoretical max is 159. With a lot of training, yours may be say, 170. Someone who is 72 has a theoretical max of 148.  He would go anaerobic at about 126,  A maximum sustainable HR of 126 will seriously impair your ability to set new PRs.

The 220-age formula is worthless. I'm 61 and my Max HR is 185. I did a 2 hour race a few months ago and was able to hold a sustained effort at 160 for the entire time. 

Thought about you Chris yesterday when I was struggling to try to keep up a decent rhythm. Ended up about 12 minutes above my 45 minutes PR on that particular segment. 

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