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Let's Talk Turkey Trots!

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Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 1.04.08 PM.pngIf you like community events and live in the United States, there’s a good chance that you have participated in a Turkey Trot. As the name suggests, the Turkey Trot is derived from one of the most common foods served at Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey. Turkey Trots bring communities together and are fun for the whole family. 

It all began in Buffalo, New York back in 1896 when the local YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) hosted an 8K race. Six people signed up and just four of them crossed the finish line. This year, the YMCA Turkey Trot will mark its 128th consecutive start making it the longest consecutively run race in the world. This turkey trot has become one of the most popular races on Thanksgiving; there is so much interest that it is now capped at 14,000 participants. This event raises more than $300,000 for YMCA Buffalo Niagara and proceeds raised go back into the community to help local families in need of financial assistance.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 12.22.01 PM.png
Many Turkey Trots are considered fun runs and many support a good cause which makes them a great way to give back to your community. Over the years, these events have become increasingly popular. In 2022, there were 756,894 people participating in 730 races across the United States making Thanksgiving Day the biggest running day of the year. If you don’t have a Turkey Trot in your area, you can join in on the Virtual NYRR Run for Thanks 5K Challenge on Strava that runs from Nov 18, 2023 to Nov 26, 2023. Finishers of this virtual race will earn a digital badge for display on their Strava profile. 

Whether you will be with family or friends, participating in a Turkey Trot, camping, biking or whatever else you will be doing this the fourth Thursday of November, we want to thank you for being part of the Strava Community Hub.

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team



Would it be possible to extend the availability of the Turkey Trot map type to all of November? For some obscure reason, Longmont, CO hosts their Turkey Trot 2 weeks before Thanksgiving 🤷🏻‍♂️

Longmont Turkey Trot

Hey @zecanard
Thanks for your post. I'm not sure if anything can be done this year for the Turkey Trot polyline, however, I will forward your email to our product development team for review. They review all feedback on features and appreciate all comments and suggestions. 

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Thank you, @Scout.

I was able to apply the map type retroactively, but this change would be great for next year!

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