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Looking for good endurance (cycling) training material

Pico de Orizaba

Just attempted a rather difficult Tour des Stations Ultrafondo event (242KM/8848M). Missed the second time check by 7 minutes and got elimihated. Not alone, only 326 of 680 participants completed and only 7 of 21 in the 60+ age group.

I trained and trained but still came up short. They really shouldn't label it a 'Fondo' event as it's really more a race. The time checks are the same for everyone, regardless of age. I wish there were age specific time checks.

No more whining. I'm wondering if anyone knows good training material (video ideally) for long endurance events. If I ever hope to compete I will have to fight my age and up my game.




Here's a pretty good video  it may need to be adapted based on how long of an event but it does a good job of explaining the "structured training plan".

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Free endurance cycling training plan for a century ride or for long distance biking events that stretch over multiple days. The endurance cycling training plan mentioned in this video (requires Google account): ...