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Looking to connect with cyclist via Indoor workouts

Mt. Kenya


I currently have an indoor trainer, but it gets quite boring. I am looking to voice chat with people during rides to keep each other motivated. I have tried zwift and I really like the platform, but I found many of the voice chatrooms empty.  Is anyone interested in connecting and chatting during rides? 



I run the Zwift Insider website, and we have a Discord server which has more members than probably any other on Zwift. Still, the voice chat is typically empty. You don't get much in terms of voice chat on Zwift unless you join an event where Discord chat is used by the leaders. 

Lance Armstrong and his WEDU team, for example, have events where they use Discord  heavily (or at least, did in the past - I haven't joined one in a while.)

Here's a list of upcoming Zwift events with "Discord" in the description. Maybe a good place to start!

Strava Alumni

@eschlange I see from a post you've shared in another board that you also have an interest in Zwift. Any advice you could offer here to help @racernick1991 get connected?

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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