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Tried (fill in the blank) sport!

What's a sport you've always wanted to try? 🤔

Risk is my middle name, I'm a big adrenaline junkie and am constantly on the lookout for a greater challenge. Most people don't like trying new things because they hate being bad at something. I find it humbling and motivating when I'm a beginner. When someone tells me "that's crazy, that's not possible" I transmute that into fuel for motivation 💪

I watched a documentary on Netflix called The Alpinist a few months ago and was really intrigued by Marc-André Leclerc, who was a remarkable solo free climber. I've tried climbing previously, and my spaghetti cyclist arms struggle quite a bit with the challenges the sport presents. However, ice climbing seems a lot more appealing to me and I'd love to try that someday, barring I gain enough upper body strength. Something about the danger, mental challenges and the constantly changing variables seems very enticing to me. The cold, total lack of knowledge and gear required are three major aspects that keep holding me back though ❄️

How about you, is there a sport you've been wanting to try? What's preventing you from doing it?

woman ice climbing, photo by Tim Banfieldwoman ice climbing, photo by Tim Banfield


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Community Manager

I've never tried kite surfing, wakeboarding, or wakesurfing. They just look like so much FUN, though I'm not a fan of wetsuits. 

In the meantime, I'll continue to live those adventures vicariously through Instagram:


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I'd love to try riding a horse, never done it but have always wanted to try. Have gallopped on a camel though which was an experience never to be repeated!


Dying to know more about this camel-gallopping situation... Do share 🙂

Strava Alumni

Would love to try cross country ski-ing/ Nordic ski-ing. Seems like a fun way to get around in winter. Slightly worried though that I would have loads of energy on the way out and leave none for the way back!

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Pico de Orizaba

Would love to hang glide or paraglide! I suppose lack of knowledge, funds, and time are preventing that at this point in my life. 

Moderator Moderator

As a 90's baby - I always wanted to skateboard 🛹  However, my lack of spacial orientation and shaky balance might be a little stopper in trying this out!  

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