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Park rangers tracking Strava?

Mt. Kenya

A friend of mine received a ticket from the town for riding a small section of trail that is apparently off limits to bikes. He rode very early in the morning and encountered no one. When he called the town to ask why he was ticketed they told him that they found his ride on social media. He does not use any social media and does not post his rides anywhere except Strava.  Has anyone else experienced this?  How does one easily even find segment activity of other riders without actually riding the segment? 



Anyone with a strava account can use the "segment explorer" to look up leaderboards from segments in Strava, whether or not they have ridden them.  Once you find a segment, you can bookmark it and be able to go directly to the leaderboard anytime you want.  From there, all you have to do is sort is by "today" or "this week" or whatever to see if someone has ridden it recently and go from there.  From the leaderboard, you can link directly to the specific activity.