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Re: Introduction

Mt. Kenya

Hi I'm Adam. I have been a Strava user forever but only recently became a paying member. I am happy to join the community for my first chat. I am turning 72 years old on Saturday and have been actively cycling for the last 16 years. I am overweight and not very good at cycling and really hate going uphill! I have participated in many road races - and question my sanity every time I do - but always come back for more. This is my first time talking to anyone about my cycling on this forum.  


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Hi @Adam1!

Welcome to the Community Hub and thanks for posting! And Happy Birthday! 🥳
I'm also not a fan of uphills, but love the feeling I get once I get to the top of a hill. We hope to hear more about any upcoming races you have planned and look forward to your contributions to the community.

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