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Shout out to our Top Community Contributors for August!

Moderator Moderator

It was a busy August here in the Strava Community Hub.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a new idea, asked a question, answered a question, commented, or contributed in any way.  We see you and we appreciate you!

This month, we have a couple of new names in our top Contributors list:

@MakeStravaGreat and @RMSouthAfrica Thanks to you both for taking the time to get involved and add your comments and suggestions.

Special thanks also to: @Jan_Mantau @zecanard @anchskier we appreciate your continued support and participation to help keep the Community alive and humming.

We're always happy to see members helping other members.  Check out this post and remember, don't be shy!  If someone has a question or problem that you can help with, feel free to jump in and share you expertise.  


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team



I appreciate the recognition. Thank you 

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