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Strava extension app - My workout companion

Mt. Kenya

Hello everyone, I am a huge Strava fan and in order to get more detailed overviews of workouts data I have developed an extension app for Strava which offers additional analytics, visualizations and summarizations of your workouts. It was built to satisfy my own needs, but while working on it, I decided to make it public, where also other people could enjoy it.

Feel free to try it, it is available here as standalone app. For Chrome and Edge users there is browser plugin which integrates additional functionality directly to Strava webpage. 

I hope you found this app useful. Any feedback would be appreciated.


The application is adapted for mobile phones.



Mt. Kenya

Recently I added support for Imperial units.

Metric system operates with kilometers for distance, meters for elevation and km/h for speed. If you select Imperial units distance is displayed in miles, elevation in feet, speed in MPH.

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