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Strava You Don't Have Rights To My Exercise Information. I Will NEVER Pay You for my own data...


Strava you have no rights to my exercise data. Nor do you have the right to try to charge me to access my own data. You will never get a dime from me as long as you continue to try to run this site by trying to coerce paid memberships. My Data is My Data. It isn't yours to try to hold over my head for money. Your business model needs a rethink.


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We do not require a subscription for you to access data you’ve uploaded to Strava. You have the ability to see the data you’ve chosen to sync or upload to Strava, at any time, for free. Additionally, there are multiple tools and features that all athletes, regardless of subscription status, can access and benefit from.

Some of our features do require a subscription. However, subscription-only features are typically enhanced analysis or visualizations of data that Strava built on top of athletes’ raw data. You do not need a subscription to access the data you provided to Strava.

Lastly, our terms of service, which you’ve agreed to upon account creation, state that “you own your content, but give us a right to use it”. If you’d like to move to another platform, you have the ability to export your data in bulk or delete your account, for free, at any time.

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What an absolute load of bull.  I can't even see my past performance on segments past 4 or 5 of them.  Sure prevent access to leaderboards and other comparative features for those that don't pay, but Shkhara is right - denying access to our own data in the manner in which it had been free in the past is absolutely disgusting.  You are monetizing our data while preventing my ability to see past a very limited amount.  All I have to say to people, is that if you leave, make sure you delete all your activities.  This at least makes their service less valuable.  Simply stopping the use of Strava still makes your data valuable to them.  If only paying customers used Strava, it wouldn't be worth it.  In fact, as it is Strava will probably die a slow death because they certainly won't attract many new users with their pitiful offerings at the free tier.  The only non-paying members will be people that have years of data on there.

This is not true. Strava now charges for much access to the riders own data and puts up blocks to access and search that data effectively. You can not search and display only ride data from the specific day it was entered from the rider. Your search limitations do not give you correct results under date searches. When I first joined this was not an issue nor was  access to my training log but am now blocked because I will not pay for access... The Exact Message is

Analyze Your Training

Quickly scan your past activities to spot training patterns or trends


And the training log is greyed out behind it and inaccessible.

@CAG - something in this comment caught my eye, which I think is a feature suggestion (also, look at my other reply to you on this thread regarding the 'free' vs. 'paid' aspect).  You are correct regarding the search capability (My Activities) - it is quite rudimentary, and you could put in a feature suggestion to enhance the ability to search for your activities (say by date, date range, distance, etc.).


Uh... if you don't want Strava to "have your data", then don't use Strava... delete your account.  If you use Strava (which you must), then you need to understand that a) you signed an agreement for what they can do with the data and b) that they can't show you information without that data (your place on leaderboards, your best efforts, etc.).  I'm not really sure what your game is here - but honestly, you are making no sense to me.

Also... you do not have to pay Strava, they have a free tier, it just limits the functionality.  If you want that functionality, you have to pay.  Just like a mobile phone... you can buy one and not pay for mobile service, but then the phone is limited in what you can do with it... if you want to use the mobile network, then you pay for it.

Maybe you can clarify what it is you are looking for here - then this community can better help you achieve your goals?  Is it the ability to export your data from Strava (you can, and people here can help you with that).  Is it the ability to prevent others from seeing your rides/data on Strava (you can do that too - people here can help).   Let this community help you, by telling us what you are actually trying to accomplish, otherwise, it comes across as a rant.

I think you must be a fairly new user.  Clearly you don't understand how Strava's popularity rose on the fact they offered a lot more at the free tier.  Like being able to see all of your activities.  The main leaderboard was free too.  As was your friends leaderboard.  That is what grew Strava into what it is today.  Without the social aspect and the Leaderboards which drives the competitors in us, it was just another activity tracking app.  Now all of a sudden they denied users access to that data even though Strava wouldn't have grown without the initial free users driving up the popularity.  As a free (and sometimes paying member), I contributed just by adding times to segments.  And in fact by creating a lot of segments.  Now I can't even see the times I had on the segments I created when I created them.  That's where the disgruntlement (if that's a word) comes from.

Uh nope, think again, I've been a member since 2012, and have paid since about 2013.  And yeah, you used to get a lot more for free, this is how companies build a user base and figure out what works and doesn't (features).  You realize thought that all of this costs money right?  Storage and computation are not free, all the people working at Strava get a salary, that's not free.  Strava has to charge for the compelling features, or they simply won't exist.  It is naive to think you can just get all of this for free.  It isn't an overly expensive service - same as one or two lattes a month (depending where you get them).  

Yeah, I don't get lattes either, as they are overly expensive drinks for something you can make yourself.

I do realize that running servers, hosting data... takes money.  And I've paid for Strava before, only to see them ignore mountains of suggestions for the sports I use it for (mountain biking and classic nordic skiing). So I don't want all the crap they are slinging my way.  All the analytics that my Garmin app does much better? No thank you.  3D maps that are more confusing than anything?  No thank you!  They are churning out features a mile a minute, and going in the hole for it, and because of that they need to overcharge for the core features.  I bet if they limited themselves to segments and leaderboards, and canned all their engineers that are constantly coming up with more and more niche services to justify their jobs, they would be able to run the service for the cost of one latte for a year.  They could also keep costs low by charging everyone that one super low subscription fee for looking at their own data and their friends'.  Rather than forcing all the costs onto the few that find it worthwhile enough to  pay.

It pisses me to no end that I helped popularize the app by making a ton of the segments in my local area, but now I can't see my own data for those segments (nevermind compare myself to my friends on those segments).  Nor can I download the data for what makes those segments.  I can download the data for my activities, but I already have those.

Oh, sorry Fill, I didn't realize you were so influential in your community, you could apply for the 'verified on strava' badge, which will get you a full subscription, link below

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