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Subscription Fee Increase

Mt. Kenya

So I have been a subscriber for over 10 years and I got my email from Strava this announcing an inflation busting pricing increase. 

The justification that the price has largely remained unchanged (well only if 100% increase over the years counts as unchanged) and that the increase is justified because of all the new features (and lets be honest when was the last time they launched a game changing new feature? 3D Maps? hmm I would probably not notice if that was dropped)

So what does the community think? Are Strava are abusing its monopoly position and profiteering? Are we going to suck it up? 

I have been a premium subscriber for over 10 years and the only time they put a foot wrong before was when they changed the feed - but I now see that pure greed is clearly their mission rather than inspiring and connecting athletes around the world.



Mt. Kenya

I agree!!  I was a subscriber 1.5 years ago, but sadly, I have to refuse to subscribe given the outrageous increase.  If Strava is reading this, I would pay approximately $35 annually for the additional features.  PLEASE reconsider your pricing.  Look at AllTrails for a great example.  

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