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TOP Kudoed and Solutions Authors in the Community Hub ‌🏆‌‌⭐‌

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 There are two things this Community Hub thrives on - kudos and accepted solutions. If you are using Strava, you are probably familiar with that amazing feeling of receiving a kudo for your hard work or giving a kudo to recognize someone's amazing achievements. There is no better feeling than seeing all your efforts supported by your community of friends and other athletes!

In our Community Hub, we like to say that kudos are forever - and they are often given as a thumbs-up for good content and a pat on the back to its author. Your kudos help to boost the value of certain messages and enhance the reputation of their authors. Or you maybe just want to recognize how much you enjoyed reading that Insider Journal article!

On the other hand, accepted solutions in Community Hub are here to provide the members with the ability to mark someone's comment as helpful and insightful - especially if that comment helped resolve the issue you were experiencing or it saved you some time to open the ticket with Strava Support.


Whatever the reason might be, the end goal of kudos and accepted solutions is always the same - recognize the support in the Community Hub, appreciate the author's efforts, and make Community Hub as helpful as possible to its members. We wanted to take the opportunity and thank all of our top Kudos and Solutions Authors in the past 6 months - you have been an amazing addition to our Community Hub and we are grateful for all your support! We also wanted to thank all you Community members who browsed, kudoed, and commented on our discussions and ideas, we are so excited to see you being part of the Community Hub! 💛 


If you are interested in who our top Kudos authors and Solution Authors in the past 6 months are, here is a little sneak peek:


  • TOP KUDOED AUTHORS in the past 6 months

1. @marcb  - 333

2. @berkay_benli  - 244

3. @CreakyCrank  - 175

4. @Siij  - 139

5. @dwozn  - 123


  • TOP SOLUTIONS AUTHORS in the past 6 months

1. @anchskier - 11

2. @CreakyCrank - 2

3. @Jan_Mantau - 2

4. @Tyler - 2

5. @Windbreak - 1


P.S. You can check out the full Kudo Leaderboard and Accepted Solutions leaderboard for more information! 👏🔝


STRAVA | Community Hub Team



Thank you so much!

Coach en plein air. Ma passion est de vous aidez à avoir une meilleure santé et réduire le stress.


All these Kudos and #1 feature request, yet the response on Dark Mode was "we're not even including it in our roadmap". Shameful behavior from the product team on not even considering an important accessibility (read: health related) feature that is a default option in every other major app nowadays. I hope the new CEO will address this. I'm getting worried for our platform that is otherwise pretty awesome.

To the dark mode fans, we see your passion and know how much this request means to you. Our Communit...

We appreciate your constructive comments about eye fatigue, improved battery life, and the need to u...

As of now, Dark Mode is not on our immediate roadmap. Implementing dark mode now would divert staffi...

We’re excited to bring you many features in 2023 and encourage you to continue to share your feedbac...

Although Dark Mode is not on the immediate roadmap, we will monitor this thread and check in from ti...

This and automated segment flagging, but that's not as much of a problem for me personally.

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