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Tour de France Fever - starts now

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The 2024 Tour de France begins Saturday, June 29th in Italy, and I am excited! 

Photography by: A.S.O. / Charly LopezPhotography by: A.S.O. / Charly Lopez

I've been watching the TdF on television every July for a long time. Every year I'm thrilled all over again watching these world class cyclists climb huge mountains and sprint for stage wins. Every year it reignites my interest in cycling and motivates me to get out on my bike and ride. 

I also love to reminisce about Tour de France stages from years past. Some of my favorite memories are of watching Robbie McEwen, an Australian sprinter who rode the Tour 12 times between 1999 and 2010. He had an amazing knack of hiding in the peloton unnoticed until the last couple of hundred meters before the stage finish. He would then emerge out of seemingly nowhere, pass everyone and win the stage. 

We have some great Tour de France content this year - check it out:

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Also, be sure to to join the official Tour de France Club on Strava.

Will you be watching this year? Anyone else remember Robbie McEwen? If you have any favorite memories from past Tours, we would love to hear them. Drop us a reply below.

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