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Tuesday Chat with Team Strava - Cats of Strava: Part III

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Happy Tuesday! We’re back with another edition of Cats of Strava! 

Before we meet the Cats of Strava, did you know that we have a number of clubs dedicated to cats on Strava? If you like cats, have a cat or just like looking at cats, you may want to join these clubs and connect with other like minded folks. Here are a few to check out: 

Strava Cat Lovers

Cat Lovers

Running Team - Cats Protection

Now onto the Cats of Strava! Today we’ll take a look at some of the cats from our Community Management team. 

Introducing Harley Davidson (he/him), Mimosa (she/her) & Chunky (he/him):

Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 5.05.31 PM.pngScreen Shot 2023-06-06 at 5.17.45 PM.pngThis trio of felines reside with Charles in California. Harley Davidson gets his name from the motorcycle othe same name - as he used to be quite the purrer. He is Charles’ first cat and at age 13, he loves to curl up in his human's arms more than anything else. 


Mimosa is the beauty of the group. She’s also about 13 years old and doesn't care much for other cats. She generally keeps to herself. When trying to cuddle with her, she will whine. 


Rounding out the bunch is Chunky. He showed up at Charles’ house last year and never left. He’s about 2-3 years old and full of energy and youthful vigor. Most mornings you will find that he has put his toys into his food bowl. 

Next, Let's Meet Loaf (she/her):Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 5.33.18 PM.png
Loaf, originally from Kentucky, was abandoned and now lives in Denver a
nd loafs around all day (hence her name). Her human, Sarah, notes that Loaf ‘loves to walk over keyboards during work meetings and needs lots of attention and affection. We have extensive conversations meowing back and forth at each other.’ Being a 1 year old feline, she knows how to get into mischief;  including destroying toilet paper tools and attacking pens (especially when Sarah is trying to write something). Loaf is also a great sous-chef; she will sit in one spot and supervise her human while she is cooking. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 5.38.20 PM.png






Here’s Pickle (she/her), Harvey (he/him) & Sydney (she/her): 
Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 6.12.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 6.12.17 PM.png

Our next trio of felines also live in California. They have the run of the house & can enjoy the outside world in their catio.


Pickle, the elder/queen of the house gets along with everyone including the canine of the house, Stevie, a 40 pound Staff mix. Her daily ritual is to find the perfect trinket from her toy box and carry it through the house and leave it in the living room for all to admire. Her human, Ashley notes that ‘she is a professional cuddler & loves being held so she can snuggle her head under your chin and stare into your eyes'.

Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 6.11.05 PM.png


Harvey, the sole male, was adopted when he was 7. He is a master at breaking in and out of things even though he is quite clumsy. Recently he overshot his jump onto the couch and slammed his head into the wall. He is also the most vocal; he can be heard screaming for attention, when he would like a door to be opened or when he is ready to be picked up and cuddled.


Sydney is the youngest of the three and was adopted along with Harvey when she was 1.5 years old. She was shy at first, but she has grown into her goofy, affectionate and quirky personality. She enjoys sunbathing, stealing food from her siblings and back scratches. You may also hear her squawking like a chicken when she wants attention. 

Last, but not least: SailorMeadow (she/her):

SailorMeadow resides with yours truly and was adopted during the pandemic in 2020. She shares a home and yard with 3 chickens and a dog that were also adopted during the pandemic. She enjoys bathing in the sun, sleeping in baskets and cardboard boxes and hanging out in the garden. She's generally very quiet, only meowing when her food bowl is empty. 
IMG_7430.jpegScreen Shot 2023-06-06 at 7.03.54 PM.png









We hope you enjoyed this edition of Cats of Strava. If you missed our previous cat posts, you can click here and here to see what you missed. 

Do you have a cat, or other nonhuman companion in your life that you'd like us to meet? If so, hit reply to this post and introduce them! Photos 📸 of your animal 🐈 🐕 🐓 🐎 🦎 friend(s) are highly encouraged. 

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