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We recently hosted our first exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) session featuring one of Strava’s Senior Software Engineers. This was an unprecedented opportunity for a select group of Community Hub’s Top Contributors to chat with a tenured Strava engineer about all things Strava, ask product questions, and get a deeper understanding of Strava features.

The conversation went so well, so we wanted to share a brief summary of the event:

There were 15 questions for our Strava engineer to answer and some of the topics that were discussed included:

  • Removing your own PRs and Best Efforts
  • Points of Interest
  • Implement age-adjusted stats/pace
  • Runs being falsely uploaded as Virtual Rides
  • Parity across platforms (web, app)
  • Will Strava Labs projects be revived?
  • Segment matching algorithm accuracy
  • Speed, Pace and Distance calculations and discrepancies
  • How Relative Effort is calculated
  • Distance discrepancy between Strava and other platforms
  • Adding a category for Single speed bikes

Since the event went so well, we are planning to repeat more of these in 2023.

Wondering how you can participate in future AMAs?

We would love to invite more members to join this group. By participating in Community discussions regularly you can build your status and recognition as a Community Superuser. Actions such as starting new discussions, giving kudos, answering questions, authoring accepted solutions, and more all contribute to your rank and leaderboard positions which we take into consideration when identifying who to invite to this group.

So keep on engaging and stay tuned for future exclusive content!

STRAVA | Community Hub Team