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Welcome to our rising stars for August!

Strava Alumni

Hey August Community Members!

Thank you for joining the community this month. We can see you are already having great conversations, voting on ideas and exchanging kudos with other members. Thanks for getting involved. 

This means you’re already making your way up our rank ladder and we’d love to help you get even higher on that ladder.

Let us know how you're getting on by joining us in our group Community Feedback where you can talk with our Strava Community Hub team to help make your experience even better as well as get answers to any questions you have. 

Looking forward to getting to know you all better in the coming months!

@A6spot  @elliott_holt  @Norisknofun11
@airegin  @FelTTie  @PaavoN 
@AM  @Fill_Freakin  @paulsim1810 
@Amritt  @Fivefecta  @pdolmsted 
@Beard-on-fixie  @Forza  @peacay 
@Bennus  @Gaz  @PhilippHoll 
@bhaemers  @ingo007  @PTWithy 
@Bill_K  @Jeremy  @raymondo 
@bitt3n  @Jose0501  @Richard 
@BNDias  @Josh_ITE  @Rixter 
@Brendan  @JS  @Runsonplants 
@Busteros  @JustMtnB44  @ryan 
@cburnham15  @kartoone  @sburstall 
@ccnftubadave  @Katrolmark  @ShakeNBakeUK 
@cdamian  @lahnd  @starfruit 
@Christian  @lancemcapel  @StiSyv 
@christiano  @loops3n  @Stretch 
@Daan  @marcelott  @TC 
@dancingqueen  @marcotesselli @TeaLeifBlack 
@dandohan  @Mdshamilton  @THENEWMEXICAN 
@danielB  @mercerkg  @Tony 
@DanieleMassaro  @Mikolajjj  @tranquillity 
@deal135  @misterx  @troppmann 
@DoctorJohn  @NdeRooij  @willz 
@dougivey  @NikosK  @Zafer 

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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