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What's the longest activity you've ever done?


This is it, your opportunity to brag about that loooong hike, grueling ride that left you sore for days, or 6 hour rowing activity that made your shoulders scream. What has your longest activity been?

Illustration by Brendan Leonard (@semi_rad)Illustration by Brendan Leonard (@semi_rad)
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My longest ride was certainly this one

After 50km I hardly hit the ground due to my inattention at the end of the pack. The bike and I were ok at that time and I had completed the remaining 150k without to much pain...few days after the rear derailleur fell apart and it was over for the wheel

👏 amazing effort, thanks for sharing! It can be so hard to continue after having a scare or an accident early on -- way to power through! I think most people would have called it quits after that point, so kudos to you! Any plans to challenge your longest ride distance in the future?

As a dad of 3 young childrens it is more challenging for me to explain to my wife that I am leaving the house for a whole day ride. I am more focus on running now and take the bike mostly for short and fast workouts.


I'm still new to running so my longest activity was a 12K race this past Sunday. For a while I thought 5K was my ceiling but I've recently begun to realize I'm capable of a lot more than I thought. I look forward to building on this success in the months to come.

Hey Craig, congrats on your most recent 12k, that's awesome! How long ago did you start running and what got you into it?
There's no better feeling than realizing that you can accomplish so much more than you ever believed you were capable of. I used to view ultra-endurance athletes as semi-Gods, but now I'm realizing we're all just ordinary people who don't limit ourselves to believing that we are capable of doing extraordinary things! Keep striving!


My longest run was the London marathon back in 2016, took me 5 hours as annoyingly I got cramps half way.


This was followed by my longest ride at 85k 2 months later.

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 16.04.46.png

However the most interesting was a relay race across the the length of the UK, a couple of weeks after the ride. I made a route of the Scottish section I did, I didn't do the entire thing as there were 5 of us! 


Kudos on all of your amazing accomplishments! You're a solid runner and cyclist to have done those activities. I've never experienced cramps while running but I'm terrified of that happening. I've always wanted to do a relay race, I have quite a few friends and coworkers who have reported really positive things about them, regardless of whether they were runs/rides. How many legs of the race of the length of the UK did you do, just 1? That must have been nerve-wracking, yet exhilarating! Got any other endurance-type events planned for next year?

I did 3 legs of it, each was 5k (although I remember we were one short so I might've done another). It was 24 hours a day but we got a reasonable ending just before midnight before handing off to another team. As it was Scotland and far up north, sun down was 10:30pm so we didn't need our headtorches. I think we did the 900+miles in 7 days or so.

Nothing major like that planned but I am slowly working through a challenge to complete all 60 Parkrun's in London. So far I've done 23.


I'm incredibly giddy just thinking about a multi-day, multi-person adventure like that! I've often resorted to planning things on my own but it's probably way more fun when you have others to support you and to spend time with. Thanks so much for sharing that, you're really inspirational! Keep us posted on your parkrun challenge! 💪

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