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Who goes cycling when Form is zero or negative?

Mt. Kenya

I am 70 now and have lost most of right lung, 2 lobes to carcinoma removal in 2017. I have difficulty keeping a positive form score, generally -1. Big effort today and Form went to -9 on Mountain Mash. I usually ride fairly flat and at low power and HR. Level 49, Streak 24 not sure how to proceed now. Hate days off but Form only recovers 3 points per day for me?



It's Stravas fault for using the misleading term "form". It doesn't really say much about your form, it's real meaning is when negative, then you have trained more than usual recently (especially in the last days) and if it's positive, then your recent training load was lower than before. It can be a useful indicator for someone who always trains hard and wants to take part in a race - they let the form come into the positives to be sure to be fresher than usually. But for every other circumstance you should just listen to your body, it knows when you are ready to perform.

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