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Women's Euro 2022 - wow!


That was a nail biter of a game between England and Germany yesterday, so exciting to watch!  Kudos to England for winning it!  I'm sure big parties continue today.   I did feel sorry for the German side - the look of disappointment, but somebody has to win, and England have waited so long.

Watching the match got me wondering, how many people track Football (soccer) on Strava?  I know I do... and, I've tried it 2 ways

  1. Record as a run: I do this because I like to know how far I've run at the end, but it creates a 'mess' of a map, and also skews my running totals
  2. Record as cardio: gives me a better 'relative effort' score, but doesn't track the distance.

Anybody else record activities like this?  What methods do you do?  Maybe this is something I should put in as a feature request?



Great news folks, Football (Soccer) was added as a Sport Type today! Read more about this update here😎

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Great news folks, Football (Soccer) was added as a Sport Type today! Read more about this update here😎

w00t!  This is great!  Thanks!  I also like the "Football(Soccer)" approach to the activity type.


Thanks for the reply Eric,  those are some AMAZING photos on your profile!  

Follow up question: do you see a big difference in Relative Effort if you record as run with GPS vs as "Cardio Workout" (no GPS)?  I record with a Garmin Venu, and see a big difference in the effort numbers.


I've recorded all kinds of stuff like capture the flag, basketball, etc.  I kinda think the messy map looks cool. But I agree with not wanting to skew your running totals. For me... if the distance is accurate (for example the map is a mess but I really DID run 1 mile while playing basketball), I'm OK with leaving it as a run. If the GPS generated inaccurate distance due to covering such a small area, I change it to cardio/other. I always record as run and then decide to switch it later. 

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