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We're excited to introduce The Club Hub, a community for community organizers on Strava!

This is a space for club builders and community organizers to engage with one another as well as with Strava staff from across the company. You are welcome to:

  • Share tips and best practices to grow and engage with communities 
  • Ask and answer questions as well as get advice from expert club builders and Strava Support
  • Submit, discuss, and upvote ideas for what you would like to see in Clubs on Strava

You can also expect to find the following:

  • More tips and insights for Clubs, including new feature announcements and educational resources
  • Insider perspectives and answers from the Strava team
  • Curated content showcasing successful clubs and club creators with interviews, AMAs, and more

We’d also love to hear from you about what works well in your Clubs experience, what is missing or could be improved, and how you would like to see Clubs on Strava develop. You are encouraged to engage with others in this space too:

  • Browse anytime or join the Community Hub to kudo, comment, and reply to any post, blog, comment, or other content of interest here
  • Click the ‘Join Group Hub’ button to create your own posts and content, as well as ask questions, share tips, and start conversations with the community
  • And subscribe to specific threads and general topics in this space when there are new discussions that may interest you

Let’s get started! We’re looking forward to hearing from you—the Strava community always has invaluable feedback about the direction of the product. By adding posts, Kudos, and comments on things of interest that you find here, you will be helping our teams at Strava to gather insights and feedback, and help us prioritize what we work on next!

So create a message in the Clubs Chat telling us who you are and about your club, what you hope to learn about Clubs on Strava, and what you want to see next—and don’t forget to add Kudos! Now let’s go build community!


STRAVA | Support Team