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API scope

Mt. Kenya

Im a new devloper and creating my first backend for a collage project, I would like to fetch data regarding from every user that uses my application. I have made an application to STRAVA, and gotten a read-scope, which cannot be used to fetch data from all my users. My question is if the following understanding is correct, can I access data from my users regarding their activities if they sign into my app using their Strava account through OAuth?
Thank you in advance!



When a user goes through the OAuth process on your app you request access for specific scope(s). In this case you would request a read scope. If the user approves/allows that, you can use the returned token to retrieve whatever data they gave you permission to access (e.g. activity:read would allow you to read all of their public activities). You must have a valid token to access the data - tokens expire after a short period of time.