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Api won't accept scope of `openid+read....`, which makes it impossible to use Auth0 libraries

Mt. Kenya

Hi there,

Following the docs I've gotten to the point where I can't make any requests with the `@auth-spa-js` Auth0 client, since it default attaches `openid` to the beginning of the scope on any request.

Thus, when trying to login with this client, I get a `scope invalid` message, since the scope is `openid+read` instead of `read`. It seems they aren't planning on changing this, so is there any way for openid to be an expected scope? (source of them not planning to change it:


Moderator Moderator

Hey Nloomis,

Thanks for your feedback we have made note of it, though it may not be likely that this change is made, we suggest that you look into alternative solutions.


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team

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