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Athletes currently connected - but lost in app's db

Mt. Kenya

I have a few "Currently connected athletes".

The problem is that they got deleted in my app's database. Meaning that I'm not able to access their refresh token or short lived access token, even though I have their permission.

Is there a way to retrieve or regenerate their refresh token?
So that I can create their profiles in my db again.

Second option is having them "create a user" again in my app.

Thanks for any suggestion!



AFAIK you'll have to wait until they log into your app again. Once they're redirected to your app after logging in with Strava, you'll get an authorization code which you can trade into an access token by calling the token endpoint in the Strava API.

Mt. Kenya

Is anyone in Strava able to answer this?

I wouldn't expect any external developers like me in this forum to have an answer, because this is not possible to do with the current functionality as far as I know.

Please let me know if there exist a way, or if and how I can make a new feature request.