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Client id keeps on changing

Mt. Kenya

Recently my api was approved by strava. Post that when I click My API Application in Setting, my client id changes ****80 or ****79.

When 79 all my limits gets reset to default and when the id is 80, I get the allowance provided.

Any idea?


Mt. Kenya

Can anyone help me resolve the issue. @Admin 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@sriviggu2002 it sounds like you likely have created two separate API applications in two separate Strava accounts. We would never change your app ID. 

@Elliott I have only 1 Strava account. Please find the screenshot of 2 different client ids for same account. This happens when I refresh the screen. My API is approved with client ID: 108280. Because of this when user tries to authorize, the user count doesnt increase.

Strava - Client ID - 108279.pngStrava - Client ID - 108280.png

Strava - Client ID - 108280 - Number of users.png