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Club activities limited to the last 200, and no dates or activity IDs

Mt. Kenya

I am on the committe of a running club and we wanted to use the API to track our athletes and give recognition, awards etc.  However, the API /clubs/{id}/activities returns a maximum of 200 activities for me - can this be changed?

In addition, the activities have no date or activity ID, which meens I can't analyse (for example, most runs or highest distance in a period).

I have the rights to see this detail - it's visible in the app or website - how can I get it through the API?




Mt. Kenya

I have the same problem, I also have a club with more than 200 activities and when I try to get 200 records of the second page it returns empty.



Also, it's very useful to know the date of each activity.


Mt. Kenya

We're in a similar position; We wanted to encourage our team to walk more during May, and got 300~ people signed up with Strava and joining our club. Our goal was to provide some prizes for 'groups' of our teams (Based on their office locations)

However, we've immediatly found that team-members are adding all sorts of activities and as we're unable to list data for the whole group broken down by activity I thought i'd try the API.

Nope - not viable.

1. Can't filter or obtain date of activity on club API

2. The lack of Activity ID means I cant get that extra context even with more API calls

3. The regular data exports only include top 100 members, missing 2/3rds of our group