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Développement des KOM / Development of KOMs

Mt. Kenya

Voici une idée concernant le développement des KOM et de la ludification des activités sportives sur STRAVA. Je me suis posé la question s'il était possible d'établir des KOM millésimés (KOM-2023 / KOM-2024 ....) en conservant également le KOM général qui se base sur la meilleure performance de tout temps sur un segment. Cela permettrai d'offrir la possibilité à chacun de décrocher un KOM annuel sur les segments. Celui-ci remis en jeu à chaque nouvelle année un peu comme l'esprit d'une course ou il existe un record de tout temps (le KOM général) et un vainqueur par édition (KOM Annuel ou KOM Millésimé).
Pierre KOCH

TRANSLATION: Good morning,
Here is an idea regarding the development of KOMs and the gamification of sports activities on STRAVA. I asked myself the question if it was possible to establish vintage KOMs (KOM-2023 / KOM-2024....) while also retaining the general KOM which is based on the best performance of all time in a segment. This will make it possible for everyone to obtain an annual KOM on the segments. This is brought back into play each new year, a bit like the spirit of a race where there is an all-time record (the general KOM) and a winner per edition (Annual KOM or Vintage KOM).
Pierre KOCH



Strava tried something like this years ago and it was a resounding failure.  It really annoyed a lot of people because each new year, people's rides were swamped with tons of new trophies. You had the overall trophies still but then you also had a whole new set for the new year.  Everything you did was a new KOM or best time so far that year.  It made the awards pretty much worthless since it didn't take anything to get them.  Fortunately, they dumped it after that first year or so, one of the few things Strava has implemented and then listened to their users and removed.  Personally, I am not one for the feeling of "everyone gets a trophy".  I want them to mean more if/when you get them.  If there is a new one every year, it takes away from the value of the overall since people will lose the focus on it.