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Deauthorizing athletes without access token


Now that Strava’s new Developer Program has introduced a limit on the number of athletes who can register with an app, we can see the number of "athletes currently connected" in our API settings.

I can see that the number in the API settings (Strava side) is higher than the number of athletes using my app. I seem to remember (maybe incorrectly) that there was a time when apps did not have access to the deauthorization endpoint, so I (and maybe others) would simply delete the athlete account on the app side and ignore the incoming webhooks for those athletes.

The net result is that some devs will now want to deauthorize 'stale' athletes, but they no longer have the access tokens required by the endpoint.

Now that a limit is being put on the number of connected athletes per app, will there be an opportunity for devs to deauthorize athletes without access token? Otherwise some apps will be hitting their athlete limit much sooner than they should...


Moderator Moderator

Hi Cyril,

Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our API. I've added your comments to our list of possible improvements.


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team