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Error getting access token and refresh token

Mt. Kenya

I'm following this tutorial here, and the step at doesn't work for me. Specifically, it's the step where we have a "code" read:all access and we exchange it for an an access token and a refresh token by sending a request of the form

when I do this with my value of ID, SECRET, and CODE I get a page that just says "{"message":"error"}" or I get the 404 page with the red traffic light (I've tried it several times with a few variations on the scope I'm requesting).

In this video we introduce the Strava API and access the endpoints with Postman @3:17 I don't explain how to sign up for the app. Fill out the form, you can use any website name, does not need ...

Mount Logan

When you do the step to exchange the code for an access token, are you using Postman or cURL to generate a POST request? If you're using Postman make sure you change the request type to POST since it defaults to GET. If you're using cURL make sure you have -X POST

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