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Feedback request: my app to create 3D animations from Strava activities

Mt. Kenya

Hello everyone!

I created an application that creates 3D animations based on Strava activity. I wanted to effectively show those activities that take place in mountainous terrain, e.g. mountain biliking or hiking. 


Created animations can be shared on social media. Sample video:

I would love to have your feedback on the application so I can make it even better for everyone. 🙏🏻

Known issues: 

- share button doesn’t work on some platforms (Firefox, chrome on macOS; It should work on mobile devices)

- moving speed is dependent on screen refresh rate

- activity visualizations from flat terrain are not attractive

- visualizations of activity from outside Europe are generated significantly longer (my way of obtaining altitudes is optimized for Europe, it will be improved soon for the USA)

- zoom level should be adjusted according to activity size

More information here:



Mt. Kenya
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