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Get segment riders by day?

Mt. Kenya

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of a script that gets the local trail conditions from my city’s trail stewards association. If the trail is closed, I want to get via the Strava API a list of users that rode the segment(s) that day to see who is damaging the trails by riding them when closed. 

I read the API documentation extensively and couldn’t find an endpoint that satisfied this — anyone have any ideas or is it simply not possible?




This information is not available in the API unless athletes specifically authentic to your application.

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Pico de Orizaba

We expect our athletes to follow our Community Standards, which require our athletes to obey the law, follow local trail rules, and act with respect to the environment. If you are concerned about other athletes violating local trail rules, we encourage you to work with your local authorities to address the issue. 


Please carefully review our Community Standards which include:
Follow local trail rules.
Most trail systems have their own rules and codes of conduct. Know them, follow them, respect others who are enjoying the same environment. Don’t use illegal or closed trails, or trespass on private property — ever. Stay in control and take care of the people and environment around you. Do the right thing and be an ambassador of your sport.

Respect the environment.
Don’t ruin the experience for others or yourself. Take trail preservation efforts seriously. Take your trash with you if there’s no appropriate place for it — better yet, pick up some trash if you see it. Give back to the incredible natural places that give us so much happiness

While I appreciate your reply, I'm seeking a way to get this information via your API -- is it possible? My local trail stewards' organization I believe is already handling it. This is just an idea I had for a personal project and want to know if it's within your API's capabilities 🙂

This information is not available in the API unless athletes specifically authentic to your application.

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