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How to get all segments from a Route in the API?

Mt. Kenya

Hello all, 

In our cotacol (Belgian) app, we are leveraging Strava Segments so our members can "collect" different hills in Belgium.  Those hills match one:one with a Strava Segment. 

Now, I am building a functionality, so that users can select one of their Routes and get to see which of the 1000 segments that would be conquored with that Route...

However, just like the default behavior with an activity, it seems not all the routes are returned in the response for a Strava Route.  And I am wondering if there is a similar query string parameter we can use, to indicate we need all segments in the response.  (just like include_all_efforts with the GetActivity operation).

What I am doing now: 

- GET /routes/{routeId}

This only returns a subset of the segments in the payload.




Mt. Kenya

Also interested in this. Looking to return all segments in a bounding box, not just the top 10.

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