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Inquiry Regarding Available Streams in Strava API

Mt. Kenya


I'm reaching out to inquire about the data streams available through the Strava API.

I have been working with the API recently and have found the available streams incredibly valuable for my analysis. However, I have encountered a discrepancy that I would like to address.

When requesting streams using the following keys:


time, latlng, altitude, heartrate, speed, distance, grade_adjusted_speed, cadence, velocity_smooth, watts_calc, watts, grade_smooth, total_elevation, velocity

I have noticed that most of the times the "grade_adjusted_speed" is returned, but the speed is not returned. Also it doesn't seem there is an option to retrieve "pace".

I would like to inquire if there is a specific stream or alternative method for retrieving pace-related data, such as pace per kilometer or mile. And whenever we have the grade adjusted speed to have the speed stream unadjusted also.

Thank you !