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Is posible make virtual races in my website using the strava api?

Mt. Kenya

I developed a web aplications where i can check the distance and deliver the medals to the riders who complete the distance but yesterday the client_id is not allowed to get the data from the post consult in the api, can you help me to know if is posible use the api to this objetive? 

thanks very much


Mount Logan

Can you provide more details? There isn't enough information in your post to give you any kind of answer.

  • Are you using webhooks?
    • Are you seeing new activities come in on your webhook?
  • Are you receiving an error from the API when you make a call?
    • If so what error?
    • What endpoint are you trying to access?
    • Are you using valid access tokens for the athlete? Tokens expire after some time and need to be refreshed. You should have received a refresh token when the athlete authorized your app.

Generally, yes the API can be used to do what you've described. When a new activity comes in to your webhook, you can make an API call to getActivityById to get details of the activity including the distance.

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