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Issue with displaying splits and calories for TCX file uploads



I've encountered an issue when uploading TCX files through code, where the splits view and calorie data aren't displayed on the website, despite these details showing up correctly when I upload the same file manually through the website.

Here's what I've done:

  1. Initial upload via code: When I upload a TCX file programmatically (using code), the activity appears on Strava, but without splits or calorie information.
  2. Manual upload for comparison: To ensure the issue wasn't with the file itself, I uploaded the same TCX file manually through the Strava website. Interestingly, this time, both splits and calories were visible.
  3. Verification process: I took an extra step to download the activity file that I uploaded through the website (whiich showed splits and calories) and compared it with the original file I was trying to upload via code. Upon comparison, both files were identical, confirming no difference in the data.

This situation leads me to believe there might be a difference in how files are processed or interpreted based on the upload method (code vs. website), even when the files are exactly the same.

I'm reaching out to see if anyone else has faced a similar issue Could this be a bug, or is there a specific requirement or setting I might be missing for programmatic uploads?

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!



When I upload a running workout without GPS data through code, it automatically categorizes it as a treadmill workout, which means I can't see the splits view. However, if I upload the same workout through the website, it doesn't tag it as a treadmill session, and I can see the splits view. Is there a way to prevent the workout from being tagged as a treadmill session when uploading via code, so I don't have to manually change it in the settings? Also, why is there a difference between uploading through the website and uploading via code?