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My largest app has yet to be approved by the developer program.

Mt. Kenya


I have 3 apps (24523 with 3,473 registered users; 111519 with 46; 23518 with 1). I've submitted the large app to the developer program twice now, once in April 23', and once on Jan 29 24'.

The approval emails don't say for which app they are, and the web UI doesn't say that the app is approved or not.

I believe I've received approvals for 111519 and 23518, but not for 24523 ( and it's almost march 4th.

What do I do? Is it going to stop working Monday?



Mt. Kenya

For anyone with the same problem, Strava got back to me quickly via a ticket to developers[at]strava[dot]com saying:

In your application settings you'll notice that you now have "number of athletes allowed to connect". This is an indication that your app is now in the developer program.

All is well.