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New Ranking with registered validated bike and avoid accidents


Hi Developers,

I use to Strava and  I'm stayng very irritade when I search to achive a record, but someone use an e-bike, motorcyce or a vehicle and get the better results in the segment.

I dont work in the Strava company, but you could create a ranking only register bikes, for example and the bike will need to be register with follow caracteristics:

1: The name of Bike, year and caracteristics;

2: The photo of Bike;

3: One checbox seeing the type of bike(e-bike, motorcycle or vehycle),

4: Dont put the nome of KOM in the first page when the same have a bike with motor bike or to create two ranings for it, 

 I will be very grateful with it.


Fabrício Ayres

Develiper/System and Infrastructure Engenieer.





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