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Question about remove/update activity by API

Mt. Kenya
ood afternoon!
I am writing to you to ask a few questions. We are currently developing a website that is aimed at receiving training in the form of tcx, etc. and making adjustments to them. In particular examples:
1. Adding a distance to the workout, for example, recorded a workout on an exercise bike, recorded how much you rode from the simulator, and then added this distance to the workout at an average speed throughout it.
2. Combined several workouts into one.
The question is interesting: is there any possibility of replacing workouts or removing them using API endpoints? We saw that you can change workouts, but there are basic fields, such as names and descriptions, but we are interested in changing the data that is available through the /streams endpoint. Perhaps it is possible not to upload a new workout, but to update it via the /uploads endpoint.

Thanks in advance for your answer!
Nikita Runeev

Moderator Moderator

Hey Rigeqy,

Thanks for the post. Currently, this is not available, but we appreciate your feedback.


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team