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Randomly Not Receiving Webhook Events

Mt. Kenya

For some reason, activities from Strava have been randomly not sent to our webhook after users finish logging their activities. We've seen multiple users of our application now who log the same activity day after day, and somedays we receive the event, but other days we don't. What's going on?

To clarify, this appeared to start around the end of last year, but the issue has been worsening with more and more users reporting this problem. I just checked our logs last week and realized that the problem wasn't on our side, but that Strava wasn't sending us the events at all.


Mt. Kenya

Thanks for posting! Some users using my application reported similarly today. I can't see any error logs on my end and suspect webhook events are significantly delayed or only working intermittently 😞 Is there a status page where developers could see information about outages like this? It's odd that everything shows as operational.

Mt. Kenya

I experience the same issues 🤨 


Hello, I am having the same problem. Webhooks are intermittent.