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Setting up a webhook in Google App Script


Well, the title says it all, folks... It seems like this is gonna be a tough one to implement in Google App Scripts. There's not much out there in general for setting up these Strava webhooks, but it's even worse when trying to find ANYTHING on setting up in Google App Script. It seems to me, my best bet may be to migrate my code over to React/NodeJS/Java and go from there, given I can use ngrok and other libraries a lot more freely (and there's more information out there for the latter). Does anyone have any thoughts? Are you aware of ways to accomplish this in Google App Scripts, or do you think my best bet would be to migrate over to another, more widely used (and compatible) platform? I currently use polling to acquire my authenticated athlete's activities, but there's huge limitations to this given the data pulling limitations by Strava's API.


Here are some of the resources I've been looking at:

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