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Start time of activity in webhook message

Pico de Orizaba


We import activities from multiple sources, e.g. Garmin and Strava. When we receive a webhook message from Strava that a new activity has been created, we always have to do the following:

  1. Request the activity from Strava's API or request a list of the latest activities of the athlete (these are kind of equivalent, we do the former)
  2. Compare the start time (utc timestamp) of the activity with the activity start times that we have in our database. Under the assumption that a user cannot start two activities at exactly the same time, we can determine that an activity has already been imported from another source and then ignore it, or import it when we do not have it yet.

It would be very convenient for us, and perhaps/probably also for others, when Strava's webhooks would also contain this start timestamp, so we can omit step 1 and thus, for bonus points, use up less of Strava's rate limit (and server time).


Pico de Orizaba

Yes @SkippyVasquez , we have a webhook subscription. Unfortunately, the webhook messages do not contain the start time of the activity.

Moderator Moderator

Hey ibooij,

Thank you for your post. Do you have a webhook subscription. Take a look at this article.


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team