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Strava API question - problem with dashboard creation

Mt. Kenya

Hello Team,

I have one request related to Strava API. Currently I would like to connect one of my Club to power BI. We would like to use it to follow our team members what kind of activities they did for example in August and what kind of results they have. It will be useful for us to organize some competitions for associates etc. I already tested your API an  mainly (List Club Activities, List Club Members, List Athlete Clubs) but the data which I was able to collect are not satisfied. For example I don’t have full last name of team members. Based on that it is not so easy to track who it is. Other issue is that when I get the list of activities it is the summary for associate. Based on that I’m not able to organize the dashboard where I can follow who did for example how many kilometers on bike in August.

Based on that are you able to support me and let me know if it can be easily organized or give some other hints how we can do it.


Mt. Kenya

Hi, have a question - have you managed to build that Power BI dashboard working real-time?

Trying to build one for myself but struggling...


Every member of your club has to connect their Strava account to your app. This way you get all their activities. The club endpoints aren't very useful.

Hello Jan,

thank you for your ansewer. Would you be so kind to provide more detalis home they can connect? 

That's not much different from how you had connected your account. It's described in

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