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Strava API: Virtual Rides Not Included When Listing Activities

Mt. Kenya

I am working on a React application and am using the Strava API to retrieve an athlete's activities. It is working successfully except for some reason it isn't returning Virtual Rides.

I have been testing it by manually creating Virtual Rides on, but these rides are never being returned by the API call. The Virtual Rides I have been creating have their visibility set to "Everyone", so I don't believe it's a privacy issue.
Again, the API call is returning normal Rides just fine; it's just not including Virtual Rides. Why not?
Here's a code snippet:
"return axios.get(`${user.access_token}`,
headers: {
Accept: "application/json",
Authorization"Bearer " + user.access_token,


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, 

If you would like to reach out to and provide some additional context we can take a look for you. Ideally the ID of the athlete who you're experiencing this for, your app's client ID, and the activity IDs in question not being returned.