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TCX comparison vs Stream/Lap data from api

Mt. Kenya


I'm currently looking into using the strava api to export my activities to Gpx/Tcx (or any other format that suits my needs) because Garmin doesn't offer such a service / api. When looking into the data and comparing an activity from Garmin, exported in TCX format, with the data I can collect using the streams/laps api I noticed a few things?

1. The start/endindex of the first lap sometimes seem to be 0? Why can this happend and how should I deal with this? Since the lenght of the lap corresponds with the length found in Strava/Garmin ui.

2. The endIndex of the last lap doesn't correspond with the last index in the stream data? F.i. 1980 for the size in the stream. 1956 in the lap data?

Can someone explain to me why this could happen? And how to work with it?

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