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Update to the Webhooks API


Hi there,

It seems like there is a lot of discussions about the webhook API and it seems to be kind of going nowhere.

Strava wants to enforce fewer API Calls, but doesn't really make an easy way of going about that, when the webhooks are this limited.

I have a list improvements that I can think of:

  • Update on "gear_id" changes
  • Update on "workout_type" eg. from none to "race"
  • Update on "type" going from walk -> run

These changes could really make for a better user experience, where right now users of 3rd party apps are kind of forced to update the "short description" of an activity to trigger a webhook.

As I mentioned before there has been a lot of talk about this, both on this forum and on the old google user group.
But it seems like Strava is not really taking it seriously.

Is there any plans at all to improve the Webhook API?


Mt. Kenya

I second this post; are there any plans to update this? We need a gear change (bike A to bike B) to trigger a webhook event. Our only options seem to be to educate users to modify their title in order for this to get passed (not intuitive to the user and easily forgettable requirement) or to manually poll Strava to compare to check for discrepancies (not efficient). If I am missing a better alternative, please let me know but ideally a gear change would just trigger a webhook event.


Moderator Moderator

Hey Grayriver,

Thanks for the post and for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve our API. I've added your comments to our list of improvements.


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team