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Use Strava API to return Custom Waypoints?

Mt. Kenya

I was interested to see the new feature Custom Waypoints on Strava Routes! I'm wondering how an app using the Strava REST API can query for the custom waypoints.

What I tried:

I was hoping I could use the custom waypoints to remind myself with things like "double check if this road should be marked private in openstreetmap." (That's the main reason I use my custom web app: it shows my strava route overlaid with openstreetmap layers for e.g. private roads, fixme tags, etc.)

I don't think the official Strava Android app shows the custom waypoints either: I choose a route before starting recording a run, and the waypoints aren't visible yet.

If there's some "developer roadmap" of when we can expect the android app and/or API to support custom waypoints, I'd love to see it!


Mt. Kenya

Looks like they've fixed the download so those waypoints are in the gpx file now 🙂

Mt. Kenya

Thanks @darthwalsh for posting this and saved me the effort of checking the API. I also noticed, these are not in the GPX export either and I was hoping to see the following in the GPX file so it does look like a completely closed system which is disappointing as I want to use paper based cue sheets. Can the export be added at the sametime as the API if it on the roadmap please?

<wpt lat="-28.50185 lon="-121.71349">
    <name>Alegbullcullia Yard</name>
    <desc>Perennial  water hole on LHS</desc>

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