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Using Strava iOS or Android app for 0auth from a web app



I have developed a web app. It requires people to connect with Strava. The current flow is the following: when the users click on "Connect with Strava", I redirect them to with all the query parameters. It works fine on mobile and desktop browsers.

I'm now looking to implement another flow when users are using my web app on their mobile phone. I want to open the Strava app instead of the Strava web version when the user has the Strava app installed. For this, I'm following the guidelines here:

On iOS, I redirect the users to strava://oauth/mobile/authorize (with the exact same query parameters than my current working flow with the Strava web version). It properly opens the Strava app on the iOS device, but right after (approx. 1 second), it redirects the user back to the redirect_uri (which is my web app) without letting him give his consent. 

Could this be caused because my app is a web app and not an installed iOS app on my users' devices? Or am I missing something with the query paramaters?

Thanks a lot,


Moderator Moderator

Hey marcvander, thanks for writing in. You should be able to have users navigate from a web app on mmobile and go through the mobile auth flow if you have the Strava app installed. To continue troubleshooting, take a look at our Authentication docs and let us know if you still can't get it to work.


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team