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Very few notifications from my push subscription


I have a large number of users attached to a push subscription - all was working until around the 28th April.  Now only a handful of users' data is coming through.

For those that aren't I have verified I have live keys/tokens for them and I am able to manually poll and fetch their activities.

My endpoint seems to be working and I have had it write to a log file each time it is called and that log file is very barren!

I have checked my subscription is still set up correctly using the push_subscriptions endpoint and it looks fine.

The one elephant in the room is that I have moved the site to a new host in the small hours of Monday morning.  So the IP address has changed but the domain is still the same - I'd be suprised if you are using the IP address anyway.

Any thoughts on what is going wrong here?  Or maybe there's a fault with the subs service at the moment?





I have found the issue here - nothing to do with blocking IPs or POSTS.  My subscription endpoint is a www. url.  When I moved the site to a new ISP, I set the domain to prefer non-www.  This meant the POST request from Strava was redirected to non-www and became a GET request in the process, so obviously none of the POST parameters were now accessibe.  Own goal!

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