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Webhook Events API

Mt. Kenya

Hello guys. We want to connect our swimming app to the Strava API.

Everything is working well, except Webhook Events API. According to the documentation, we need to Create a subscription.

On this step when we make the request:

$ curl -X POST \

-F client_id=XXXXXX \

-F client_secret=XXXXXX \

-F callback_url= \

-F verify_token=STRAVA

We always get this error:


    "message": {

        "errors": [


                  "code": "not verifiable",

                  "field": "callback url",

                  "resource": "PushSubscription"





When we check the Subscription Validation Request, it looks fine.

For example:



So, we don’t understand this error, where it comes from and what changes need to be made.


Mt. Kenya

Exactly we are also running into the same issue.


    "message": "Bad Request",
    "errors": [
            "resource": "PushSubscription",
            "field": "callback url",
            "code": "not verifiable"


Callback URL:

Strava any updates on this ?


Mt. Kenya

I have another issue with this action. The response  is a html code with following section :

var messages = {
'maintenance': {
'title': "Strava is offline for scheduled maintenance",
'details': "The site's in the shop for a little tune-up."
'unavailable': {
'title': "Strava is temporarily unavailable",
'details': "We hit a road block, but our team is working on an alternate route."

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